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Blog updated: Oct 2, 2014
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Advertiser’s have an option to click a ‘SOLD’ or ‘RENTED’ sign but we’ve also recently added an optional testimony comment box to this function. To our pleasant surprise, there have been hundreds of testimonies posted by advertisers in just a few weeks since we added this new/extra option.

Thus, we can’t post all advertiser’s testimonies here but we’ll share a few  each week.

Overview: Although likely only a minority of advertisers ‘bother’ to click a SOLD or RENTED sign, some viewers have commented that there are ‘too many’ sold signs and find this is annoying (sorry about that…)  To avoid seeing SOLD signs, viewers may filter ads by selecting  ”Active: NOT Sold/Rented” as indicated in red in the example below:

Filtering out Sold/Rented/Expired Ads
(please click image to enlarge)





Sold Prices: Advertisers also have the option of adding the actual sold price.
This appears in the ad in the price field noted as: SOLD/RENTED Price xx.xx

Why do this? Many viewers may be interested to know what is selling and for what price. This also helps advertisers view more accurate price data regarding their own similar ad. Further, we are adding price and sold data into a database so viewers may soon know the avg sold price of a similar ad, plus avg amount of days to become sold.

Why keep expired & sold ads? Firstly, expired ads only appear AFTER the last active ads in any search results and are clearly marked ‘expired’ in red to keep a clear demarcation.  All advertisers receive an expiry notice advising they may re-activate/ delete, or mark Sold / Rented on their ad by clicking a link.  Viewers and advertisers may also be interested in historical prices, or ads that they missed (but may still be available despite ‘expired’). Many advertisers have thanked us after receiving an ad reply after expiry as they had neglected to renew. Last, we will be adding functionality whereby users can select a category, or property type, by region or sub-area and view historical or avg price comparisons (this primarily relates to property but will be available across categories).

With the overview dispensed, below please see a selection of recent testimonials -
Latest updates appear at top.

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Last updated: Oct 2, 2014

‘bye bye lovely ski’ Jet Ski Sold Hua Hin

‘lots and lots of interest ‘ Kawasaki Er650n Sold

‘Less than 3 days on Bahtsold and already Sold…..Wahooooo!’
Jeep Sold Koh Samui

Regal Speedboat ‘Sold’

‘Always sold on’ Yaris Sold

Harley Sold: ‘Thank you BahtSold’

‘Sold thanks to BahtSold  ’ Vios Sold Koh Samui

‘Thanks BahtSold you came through again’ Chiang Mai House Rented

‘As usual your website proves to be the place where like-minded individuals know they can buy and sell confidently.’ Mazda Sold

Mercedes SUV, Featured &: ‘Sold’

Chiang Mai Condo Sold: ‘Success’

Kubota Tractor: ‘Sold, Thank You Bahtsold’–179894

‘This site worked well for me. I got calls and one of the viewers bought my car. I’d recommend it for selling anything! Becky’ Mazda 3 Sold Phuket

‘Sold it for my price, good on ya BAHTnSOLD’
Phuket Golf Country Club Corporate Membership Sold:

‘Great site , i use whenever i have goods to sell or look to buy’ Kayak Sold

Hua Hin House: ‘rented for 1 year , with an option for 1 more year’

‘Thanks Baht Sold!! Took less than 3 days from the date posted. ‘Ducati Sold

Ipad Sold: ‘Got so many calls. Had to increase the price’

ADMIN NOTE: Advertiser, pleased you sold your item, however, increasing stated price is considered a form of false advertising. In future best to state price xxxx ONO/OBO (or next/best/highest offer)

Car Sold: ‘Bahtsold is a great site to buy/sell.Highly recommended’

‘Thank you for your service.Your site works great and i will certainly recommend it to all my friends’ – Izuzu Sold Phuket

‘Thank you very much /
You always bring me customers.’

Phuket bar Sold: ‘great response’

Sail Boat: ‘Sold to a admirer of this great boat.’–179981

Vigo: ‘Sold immediately in two hours!’

Buriram Restaurant: ‘Sold’

Fortuner: Sold (in 1 day)

Sold: Executive Residence 4 ‘BahtSold ads do it again,,,’

Pattaya Bar Sold: ‘Thanks’

Wildtrak Ranger sold: ‘Great response’

’24 hrs after I listed my items they were all sold!’–182658

Khon Kaen House Rented: ‘Baht&Sold is the best!!!’

Navara Phuket Sold: ‘Less than a week, thx baht sold’×4-180655

Boat Sold: ‘very rapid sale’

Harley Fatboy Custom: ‘Sold, shipped to Phuket’–181136

Samui House Sold: ‘sold the house happy thank you’

Jomtien House ‘Rented till July 2015′

Navara Sold In 3 days ‘great job baht and sold thanks!’

Thailand Real Estate Website Sold:
‘Thanks yet again!!’–179948

Honda CBR500 Sold ‘shipped via ThailandPost to Pattaya!’

” The best advertising website. in Thailand….  ”
Khon Kaen House Rented

Vigo ‘Sold in a week’×4-auto-pick-up-178406

Jeep Sold: ‘great buyer, great website’

Hua Hin Pool Villa Rented: ‘Good result’–175854

Car Sold: ‘Well done bahtsold you did it again!’

Catalina Sailboat Sold ‘Thanks’

House And Factory In Chiang Mai: ‘Sold. Good sale’

Sold – Tractor (4WD) For Boat Launch

V-Max Sold: “Thanks to Bahtsold the bike was sold very fast”

“Well done Bahtsold…Again!” Jeep Sold–175793

Jet Ski Sold “Thank you”

Phuket Bungalow Sold: “Happy buyers”

Chopper Sold: “Many enquiries”

*We are pleased to report a very happy ending & new beginning:

Luxury Pool Villa “sold in 6 weeks, good responses from adverts”

“sold in 1 hour what can I say” Honda Pcx

Bangkok Condo Sold: “Good”

“Thank you you have a great website” Car Sold

“Thanks once again, so far 100% with our ads!!” Car Sold

Real Estate Business Sold: “Thank you BahtSold”

“Sold the boat. I received many contacts from my advertisement in Bahtsold”

Lovely House “Sold”

Stunning Pool House “Rented out until middle of May 2015″

Hobie Sold: “Thanks to all at for your help as always. Regards and keep up the good work”

Car ”SOLD could have sold 4 of them if I had 4. Phone rang all day”

Fortuner, featured & promptly ‘Sold’×2-automatic–171105

Condo Sold: ’I wish i had known about your website long ago’

Pool House “sold thanks bahtsold”

Truck And Car Sold: “Excellent”

“sold as always with thank you”

Phuket Condo “Rented long term. Thanks Baht and Sold!”

Sailboat Sold: “Less than a week”

Rawai Phuket Sports Bar “Sold”

“Good response, sold in only a few days, excellent website to use and navigate, highly recommended.”

Harley Softail: “Sold, Thank you BahtSold”

Samui Sports Bar Sold: “Good website”

Sold: View Talay 1 Corner Unit

Toyota Vigo “Sold within 24 hours…Thank you, BAHT SOLD!!!”

“Many thanks, Baht & Sold site has sold many things for me now…so I am very pleased with your web site”

Hua Hin Home Sold

“Using Baht sold is a very easy experience with great service. Very pleased, obtained asking price with numerous viewings and interest”


Business Sold: “Thanks Bahtsold. Got the price i wanted”

Chiang Mai House Sold

Versys “Sold within an hour”

Bar/Guesthouse “Sold, 6 potential buyers”

Boat Sold: “many interested parties from ad”

CBR in Phuket Sold: “Thanks to BahtSold!”

Business sold: “thanks to bahtsold”

Pool Villa: “Rented until 20-11-2014″

Trailblazer: “Sold quickly”

Fortuner Sold: “Very fast sale, thanks to the buyer and to bahtsold”

Carryboy Motorhome Sold: “First viewer bought it…”

Sold ”More hits from this site than any other”

Sold Hyde Park Condo: “Thank you Bahtsold”

Phuket Condo Sold: “Thank you Baht&Sold”

Buriram House Sold: “excellent site better than all others easy to use”

Wildtrack ”Sold – again great service from bahtsold”

Apple magic Sold: “Great site to buy and sell…….”

Boat ”Sold 2 hours after ad appeared. Easy to place ad and gets results.”

Bike Sold: “Best website, Thanks”

“rented in two days thanks”

Chiang Mai Condo Sold: “Thank you”

Harley Davidson Road King- Sold “Thank you baht&sold”

Bike Sold: “baht sold works every time”

Car Sold: “Great site…thanks”

House For Sale Pattaya: Sold ” Thank You”

“What a great website, sold my bike within a week while I was on vacation. Cheers.”

Sold – 5 Bedroom Private Pool Country Villa

Harley “Sold in 48 hours”

“Does not get any easier to make a sale. Thanks!”

“Sold” Koh Lanta Freehold Bar And Restaurant

“Rented within two weeks Bahtsold works …. Thanks”

Jeep sold: “Thanks for achieving so much interest, nearly 800 hits!”

Penthouse Rented: “let very quickly thanks bahtsold”

Harley “Sold.. Everybody happy”

Vigo ”sold in less than 24h”×4-3-0g-automatic-full-equip–156301#form

“sold in 2 days. baht sold rocks”

Sold: “ is number one when it comes to selling”

Fortuner Sold: “Thanks to bahtsold”

Ninja Sold: “Very quick, very happy!”

Sold: “one more happy Ford Wiltrak Owner”

Rented: “Unavailable till 2014″

“Thanks, sold in 1 hour”

Condo Rented: “Bahtsold worked great I am happy with the outcome”

Restaurant Equipment/Sold: “Bahtsold works!”

Fortuner Sold: ”Great website and tool to sell cars”

Pool Villa Sold: “Excellent exposure”

House Rented: “ is the best ad website”

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2 Responses to SOLD! Advertiser Testimonies

  1. TOFE says:

    I sold my car. How does it work to add on the SOLD sign.

    • admin says:

      Dear TOFE,

      Please click “MY ADS”. Directly below you will see “Mark SOLD?”.
      Please click that and a SOLD sign will appear on your ad.
      You also have the option to add an advertiser comment.

      Kind regards,

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